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Confusing results from CT scan

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  • Confusing results from CT scan

    Was having chest pain, jaw pain etc. My cardiologist ordered a cardiac CT scan with contrast. The scan showed I had greater than 70% blockage in the LAD. I chose to have a cardiac Cath, because I did not just want to continue to have pain. My LDL cholesterol was 44. When he did the cath it showed no blockage. I am continuing to have some pain. Not sure what is going on. Any ideas?

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    Women can have unusual symptoms for heart problems. They can also have heart attacks associated not with plaque, but with disruption of the artery wall. Another critical issue for women is that their potential heart symptoms are often ignored. Your doctor has done some good work understanding the risk of ignoring your problem. Now for the other 2 problems. the chest pain & disagreement between the CT scan & cardiac cath results make me worry about potential problems with artery wall disruption. I obviously cannot speak to those issues; I'm not your doctor. I think that's the major that comes up for me.