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Searchable Database of Dr. B's YouTube vids

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  • Searchable Database of Dr. B's YouTube vids

    Hello Dr. B,

    It would be nice if to post a searchable database link or the database itself for people, like me, who like to go directly to one of the many viddies that you have made..



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    Bill: Thanks for joining the Forum. There two good ways to search Dr. Brewer's many videos by topic is to go to: Here, use the search box at the top of the page and type "Ford Brewer XXXXX". Example: "Ford Brewer Insulin Resistance" and hit enter This is a listing of videos by subject matter

    Both work really well.


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      John and I were talking about this today. John’s response above is correct. But we still need a better organization. I’m taken some time off to work on the channel. The first thing was cleaning up the visual components and getting rid of the shakimg papers. That took a lot of work. Now we’re working on adding a blog component. Adding blogs will help in finding vids. But it won’t solve the problem completely. Do you know of a site we could use as a model for organization?


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        Does anyone do search better than goggle which owns youtube? I think not. If you are a computer programmer or very logical, try the advanced search here:


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          My wife and I like the "shaky paper" cute, However, I use my cell phone to make technical notes of your "shaky charts" for later review. Most of the time you hold in long enough to copy. I can even work around your thumb. great work.

          I am trying to talk my wife into going to Louisville in Nov but we might have to give up one of our trips to Paris. I will try to convince her that you are better than some Onion Soup on Blvd St Germain.

          BTW: When I go to

          you say to fill out the form below. I have searched and searched below and find no form. Mailchimp is there and clicking on him is just an ad for the chimp!
          Maybe you can tell me the secret.

          I was watching Dr Fung this morning and he kept "Insulation Resistance"

          Thanks so much

          Ama Click image for larger version

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            Thanks. I have asked Michelle to clarify the MailChimp question.