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We have an upcoming conference on November 8-9, 2019 in Louisville KY. You can register either as a Conference and CIMT participant or Conference and Assessment participant depending on whether you need a re-evaluation. For more information and/or to register online:

PrevMed is also offering courses online. Our first course is on Cardiovascular Inflammation and we have an upcoming course on Insulin Resistance. The course(s) can be found here:

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Community Translations Contributions.

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  • Community Translations Contributions.

    YouTube allows Community contributions to caption translation efforts. If you can help, here's the link.
    And if you have a friend that can help, please ask them. There are billions of people that can't understand my southern drawl, yet are building plaque for a heart attack!

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    Dr. B. I have been able to see captions on every video of yours that I have wanted to have captions for. To see the captions, you click on the little gear looking icon at the bottom of any video. A menu will pop up. In that menu there is an item for subtitles. You can click on "english - auto generated". This will enable YouTube's subtitle generator. It's not perfect. But it does a pretty good job of capturing what is being said.

    Having said all that. Are you wanting people to try to improve on the auto generated subtitles?


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      Thank you, David. Yes. I've been learning that over the past few weeks. As you might see, a lot of our more popular & recent vids have captions. I've also translated a couple into Spanish, Hindi & even Chinese. So, yes, I'd love to get improvements.