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  • Sleep Hygiene

    What works for me to get a good night sleep:

    1. Get up early AM
    2. Go to bed by 10:00 PM
    3. Exercise hard during the daylight hours
    4. No exercise after 6:00 PM (cortisol spike from exercise can keep you awake)
    5. No naps during the day
    6. No alcohol after 6:00 PM
    7. No fluids at all after 7:00 PM (nocturia otherwise)
    8. Turn off iPad, computers, TV, etc. by 8:00 PM (Google the theory of "blue light sleep disturbance", it's real)
    9. Unclutter the brain (make notes of to-do's before going to bed, take care of unfinished projects, don't let the thought of uncompleted commitments, etc. keep you awake)
    10. Learn to say "No". Don't take on more than you can do as it will likely keep you awake thinking about your obligations
    11. Keep the bedroom 100% dark. Pull the blinds and drapes closed. Get opaque light-blocking drapes if there are lights near your windows.
    12. If you use an alarm clock, get one without a dial that stays constantly lighted. You will likely stare at it which will only keep you awake longer.
    13. If all else fails, get up and read a book until I nod off

    If I don't follow these steps, I know I will have a bad day come morning.

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    This is critical. It’s the only thing proven so far to work. Amd it’s cheaper than sleep studies, easier than cpap, amd safer than pills. And pills just knock you out. True sleep requires nREM and REM waves. Neither of them happen with drug-induced sleep. That’s one of the many reasons that pills actually imcrease death and disability (from things like wrecks) than they prevent due to healthy sleep.

    Speaking of which, did you know than drowsy driving causes more death and disability than drunk driving? Lots more.


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      Yup. It damned near killed my brother who has untreated obstructive sleep apnea. He fell asleep behind the wheel, totaled out his car and walked away without a scratch.


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        He’s lucky. And here’s a bigger thing. And so are the people he could have hit.


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          I wake up 3 times a night to use bathroom (started when I was pregnant with first child and became a habit) I do however fall asleep quickly when I lay back down. Probably once a week though I can’t get back to sleep - mind racing with thoughts. :/


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            This is basic, it's the main thing demonstrated so far to work amd it's less expensive than rest thinks about, less demanding than cpap, amd more secure than pills, furthermore, pills simply thump you out, genuine rest requires n Rem and REM waves

            My life is my message


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              Exactly. I agree.