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CoQ10 and Statins

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  • CoQ10 and Statins

    I evidently don't tolerate statins well. I started on 5mg of Crestor and within two weeks developed tingling in my feet. I was switched to 10mg (which is supposed the same thing as 5mg of Crestor) of Atorvastatin. I handled it relatively well for about 4 months until recently. I started developing short bursts of burning sensations in my feet. I've stopped the Atorvastatin and the symptoms appear to have ceased. I've read that statins exponentially increase the risk of developing peripheral neuropathy. The last time it was checked my A1c was 4.8 and my FBG was 91. Not great but not terrible. I've read that taking CoQ10 can offset some of the side effects of statins. Does anyone know what a good dosage of CoQ10 would be for a low dose statin?

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    Most of us recommend taking 200 mg of CoQ10.


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    You're welcome.


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      200mgs in the form of Ubiquinol. If there are symptoms of statin induced side effects then 450mg-600mg to saturate then reduce to 200mg and continue.


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        John's video talks about the more expensive ubiquinol being unnecessary because it converts to ubiquinone anyway. I am using Dr's Best high absorption CoQ10.