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Omega-3 intake for cardiovascular disease

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  • Omega-3 intake for cardiovascular disease

    Perhaps I have missed it, but I was wondering if Dr. Brewer has reviewed the recent (29 February 2020) Cochrane study about Omega-3 and cardiovascular disease. If I am reading it correctly, it comes to the conclusion that Omega-3 "probably makes little or no difference to cardiovascular death, stroke, or heart irregularities (moderate-certainty evidence)". 1 in 167 coronary events prevented and 1 in 334 deaths from coronary disease prevented.

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    I think that Dr. Brewer has talked about this in general I believe in some of his weekly videos in the past. On the one hand Vascepa was shown to have value, and it may because of the higher amount of EPA. To my understanding no DHA studies have reported a positive result for CVD, but it is good for the brain and there is some EPA to DHA conversion.