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  • Cho-Less

    Well, predictable, my labs came back from my new doc, who I hoped would be a bit more progressive, but she's focusing on my elevated cholesterol wanting me to reduce my saturated fat intake and to take a supplement they carry, Cho-less by Natura. This supplement contains red yeast rice, niacin and beta systerol. I had already ordered slow release niacin with the intent of reducing my Lp(a) which was high a year ago at 306, and raising my HDL, which is already not bad at 73. Also contains artichoke leaf extract, pantethine, guggul gum extract, and policosanal. I have taken Pantethine for a period over a year ago. Any comment on that one? I haven't seen any reference to Pantethine in the videos. I switched from pantethine to citrus bergamot to see if the latter would work better. Anyway, this is a pricey supplement at about $1/day. Last year's inflammatory markers were all in the normal range. This doc doesn't seem to be in the know about inflammation vs cholesterol. Disappointed. Also, I'm taking pretty hefty D3 supplementation despite getting some sun, but my level was 58 which is ok but I expected it to be higher. I was taking half as much last year and it was 62, strange!

    Also, if I had to take a statin, wouldn't it be better to use low dose Crestor than red rice yeast since it is known to be good for inflammation? BTW, had my calcium scan done yesterday and my score is 0! Despite my horrible Lp(a) last year, do I really need to worry about using a statin/cholesterol lowering product at this point other than perhaps niacin?

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    I took a list (as long as your arm...everything known to man) of anti-LDL supplements for 15 years and in the past year scrapped the whole idea. I'd get a second opinion from a Cardiologist who actually knows what he/she is talking about. She doesn't sound progressive at all to me..same old same old.


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      I agree! I am going to be seeing a new practitioner to deal with hormone issues and insulin resistance, but the concern with this one is that I think they may swing too far the other way. For instance, avoid dairy. The lastest JACC article about saturated fat leads me to wonder if there's actual research to back up this notion that dairy is so bad. I don't consume a ton of dairy but am using cream in my coffee and have a little whole milk with my steel cut oatmeal, and I'm really not ready to give up milk and cheese. I feel like controlling blood sugar is the bigger concern at the moment since I am recently diagnosed insulin resistant.


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        BetsyCam, I just wrote a long response for you, and then the system bounced me out. Why, I don’t know. I’m not going to try to recreate that entry. But if you would like my input, which I believe is directly relevant to you. Get my number from Dr. B..