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    They have great prices. Are their products top notch and worth purchasing? John, I thought you might know. Thanks.

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    Their products are decent quality from the aspect of the actual measured level of each ingredient as compared with the stated ingredients on the label. I don’t ever remember a critical review (contaminants, etc.) by in that regard. However, does not test for efficacy. Like many companies, they have many products and they cannot provide reasonable evidence that they actually provide measurable benefit.


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      Thank you. I'm really trying to reduce my supplements. Staying on Niacin for the Lpa maintenance (It's in perfect range now). A Fish Oil, Vitamin C, A blood sugar complex supplement, milk thistle, (liver), B Complex (due to being vegetarian) ... and others.


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        I like their magazine, which I get in the mail, and don't have to pay for. Not sure how I got that going. Anyway lots of interesting ideas, but they don't make it easy to find the natural food sources for the nutrients that they write about. Also, some of the articles are perhaps a little to promotional, but it is some of the best information I can get from vendors.

        I don't believe everything they say, or all their conclusions, but certainly consider them.
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