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Amla--For Treating Lipid Levels and Reversing Atherosclerosis

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  • Amla--For Treating Lipid Levels and Reversing Atherosclerosis

    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on using Alma (Emblica officinalis) for treating lipid levels and reversing atherosclerosis? The study on lipid levels was on humans and the claims are that it is nearly as effective as simvastatin. The one on atherosclerosis was done on rabbits. Thanks.

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    I tried it once. Didn't notice any benefits. Hard to know really.


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      Below is a video and transcript from Dr Michael Greger on Amla powder and cholesterol, citing the study you reference, you may find helpful. I'm trying a teaspoon a day now


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        Any update on your Amla trial?

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      Hey there. I don't have studies to refer you to, but I know someone who takes this stuff (after watching videos @ nutrition facts website mentioned above).
      There's a site where you can buy the formulation that was used in some of the studies (by 'Capros') -- go to vitacost website, search 'amla', its the first result.
      As with most supplements out there, it's hard to be very sure that what they say is in the pill is in there. She went with this product because it's supposed to be a standardized formulation which was used in some of the studies.
      If i were taking it, I'd probably make sure to take it only with meals. Not sure if this advice is solid, but I probably would stop taking it if I got an infection, as my guess would be the huge antioxidant load might slow immune activity, but I'm speculating there.