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Bale Doneen Method and Dr Brewer

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  • Bale Doneen Method and Dr Brewer

    Does Dr Brewer follow 100% of Bale Doneen method or has modified the program? Just curious.
    Is the protocol same as Dr Davis of Wheat Belly?

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    Any response? Just curious on any differences between Bale Doneen and Dr Brewers practice


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      As far as I know Dr. Brewer is Bale & Doneen. Dr. Davis is not. I follow Dr. Brewer, but I also do many aspects of Dr. Davis’ program. I’m trying to get up the gumption to make Dr. Davis’ yogert. The L-Reutiry.
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        The L.R. yogurt is easy to make if you have an Instant Pot or similar cooker. I crushed 6-8 of the pills for the first batch and then froze some of it to make later batches. Just be absolutely sure to heat the milk up to at least 200 degrees for about 1/2 hr to denature the whey proteins. Unfortunately whey is highly insulinotropic. Also, ferment for 24-36 hrs to convert most of the lactose to lactic acid, as Dr Davis recommends. I add inulin to aid in fermentation. The first batch or two tend to be runny. It's delicious but it doesn't seem have any semi-miraculous effects on me. I'm still bald and look and feel like I'm 72 years old.

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        Thanks FATMAX, I did know any of that.

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      Yes. It covers Bale Doneen. But it goes a lot deeper into the major root cause - insulin resistance. Brad used to be in our office practice. He & Amy tend to focus on CV inflammation only. I focus on IR and CV inflammation. So, for example, we also deal with cognitive decline; at least the IR roots of cognitive decline. I often get Bale/Doneen patients coming to me to get deeper focus on root cause. In one of my typical 2 or 3 day events, the first half is on Bale/Doneen topics. The second half goes deeper into supplements, sleep, dementia, and the biochemical/medical sciences of key topics like insulin resistance.


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        Thank you Doctor for the clarification! I did not know that Brad worked in your practice and you know him well!

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      Hi Dr. Brwer,
      I recently started with a Bale Doneen Dr. Here in NC. Have my Dr. Appt later this month. He did the CIMT and Bloodwork as well as nurse visit with further testing.
      He did all my blood sugar, hba1c, and 2 hr OGTT. All was well with those thank god and CRP was good. Thing I am battling is LPa of course :-(.....
      He put me on niacin for now along with low dose crestor.

      My pressure is borderline at times and prior anatomical studies show mild LVH so he indicated he will probably put me on a little ramipril.
      Question about ramipril for you Dr. Brewer:
      I looked carefully at this ACE and it seems very good but they say there is a possibility of lowering the GFR a bit with it?
      Have you noticed this with anyone?
      Thank You Kindly,


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        I'd like to see your link re: lower gfr. It should actually protect kidney function, not hurt it.