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Understanding How the "Method" Works - Part 1

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  • Understanding How the "Method" Works - Part 1

    Dr. Brewer is practitioner of The Bale-Doneen Method of heart attack and stroke prevention. The process of diagnoses and treatment is significantly more thorough than what people normally receive at their local internist or cardiologist. The "Method" is aimed at early diagnosis and prevention rather than the usual treatment of symptoms or risk factors. Here is Part 1 on understand The Bales-Doneen Method. The B-D Method appears to be continually refined and improved as newer research is discovered.

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    The Bale Doneen method is science-based. As a former Hopkins prof and prevention guy, I was asked to review the book, the method and the training seminars. They are sound. And - the method works. We use it.


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      The basic focus is cardiovascular inflammation. We still have too many standards ( and therefore docs) focused on LDL. It's getting a lot better. Brad Bale & Amy used to tour the country preaching this message of CV inflammation. Docs thought they were crazy; or at least irrelevant. Not any more. This whole concept was developed by 2 smart docs at Harvard: Paul Ridker and Gavin Blake. They saw decreased risk for heart attack and stroke among statin users, even when the LDL didn't go down. They thought, "there must be some other mechanism."


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        Yup. It is often said that 50% of the people with heart attacks have “normal” cholesterol levels. I’d call that a very large elephant standing in the back of the room. Obviously, that would indicate LDL is not, or at least not the only, enemy.


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          I'd agree. No question. Brad & Amy mention at least 5 times in their book that insulin resistance is causes at least 66%-75% of CV inflammation. The only place I'd argue with that is this: I think it's higher than that. And the real damage is usually being done before the diagnosis of diabetes is ever even made. So, to clarify, it's not diabetes, but prediabetes, insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome that's killing everybody.